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Lesson Rates: September 09, 2023 we celebrated our 27th Anniversary of operation.  .  Thank you for your continued support as we move into our 28th year of operation!

Please note - we have not had any price increases for 10 years. As our costs have steadily increased we are forced to raise our rate and hope you will continue you to support our program and these great instructors.


$30.00 per half hour - $120 per 4 lesson month,

$25.00 for the 5th

or $145.00 for the 5 lesson month.

($5.00 savings) payable at the first lesson of each month.

We hope you will continue supporting Guitar Workshop as we strive to bring you the best in music education and repair service available anywhere.

Thank you for your support!

Dave Lynch

Instruction in Music

Our instructors offer a wide variety of musical styles ranging from classical, jazz, reggae and rock.  We can teach the youngest hands to the most seasoned of individuals. Instruction in music with the aid of a professional player can add a new dimension to your guitar and bass abilities!  We can help you to develop skills in every area of music.


General Knowledge:  Learn about how the instrument works, various ways of tuning and mechanics such as restringing and maintenance.  

Theory: This is the understanding of how the 12 tones in music actually work.  How notes combine into chords, how chords become families called keys, applying scales etc.

Rhythm: Learn to groove, swing, rock, bop or otherwise articulate time.  Ear Training: Teach your ears to hear things with much more accuracy.  Use your favorite music to explore the new knowledge you have about music! 

Improvisation and composition

Tuesday through Saturday, daytime and evening lessons available!

We have four comfortable lesson studios for your learning enjoyment.

Note: we are looking for a qualified guitar and bass instructors to help us grow our student base.  Must be literate in notation, theory, improvisation, familiar with several styles like jazz, blues and classic rock and have good personal skills.

Call Dave at 916-441-6555.