We just got in:

Ernie Ball Jr Volume Pedals

Makala and Kala Ukeleles

Marshall  MG10 Gold and MG30FX

practices amps

Used (clean) Marshall JCM2000 Triple Super Lead

Washburn 2314 Parlor guitar

And much much more!


This beautiful Les Paul 100th Anniversary came in with a badly cracked headstock, and it had sat for months. The plastic headstock veneer had been bent so long it required heat and a patience to bend it back without cracking! But, it turned out great. Took about 9 weeks.

Here's a recent Telcaster I refretted. The original bone nut was saved as it had such a nice vintage patina and was perfect thought too low. Prob solved with a little rosewood veneer below fathered in.

Here is an old, well played Martin that had a bit of heat damage. The neck block had rolled slightly and the the action was too high to play comforably. Also, there was no break angle over the saddle and the tone was weak. A neck reset and new saddle cured all those issues. I also replaced a very curled pick guard giving this old beauty new life!

New quad contact 1/4" input jack! Full Tone Full Contact.
$5.95 plus intsllation.

We sell: G&L American made guitasr & basses,

Randall amps, Kustom amps, Washburn, Jay Turser, Seymour Duncan, Levy's, AllParts, Rapco-Horizon cables, TONS of string brands, Henry Heller straps & baggs, Seymour Duncan Pickups. and

​much more!

Some of our Inventory:

We now have genuine C.F. Martin bridge pins  in stock! Great stocking stuffer upgrades to any acoustic guitar! 

We fix stuff!
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String Spreader by Dave Lynch & Stewart Macdonald:
Why waste time unstringing a guitar for a spot job on the nut or fretboard, when all you really want is to simply get the strings out of the way? Try these handy string spreaders instead of the makeshift method you've been using—they'll become a busy addition to your basic tools. Each curved brass spreader fits behind the neck, to capture the loosened strings and give you room for filing, cleaning, polishing or light repairs. Finish-friendly rubberized coating protects the neck. 3-3/8" long, set of 2.  $17.89