String Spreader by Dave Lynch & Stewart Macdonald:
Why waste time unstringing a guitar for a spot job on the nut or fretboard, when all you really want is to simply get the strings out of the way? Try these handy string spreaders instead of the makeshift method you've been using—they'll become a busy addition to your basic tools. Each curved brass spreader fits behind the neck, to capture the loosened strings and give you room for filing, cleaning, polishing or light repairs. Finish-friendly rubberized coating protects the neck. 3-3/8" long, set of 2.  $9.95

New quad contact 1/4" input jack! Full Tone Full Contact.
$5.95 plus intsllation.

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G&L Comanche Greenburst #CLF50186: Ash body, Premium Birdseye neck w/clear gloss, chambered with F hole. Locking keys. With hard case.

List $3050.00      GW price $2287.50

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G&L Comanche Quilt top #CLF069528: 5A quilt maple top, premium Birdseye neck w/gun oil tint, chambered no F hole. With hard case. 7.5lbs


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