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Sacramento, CA 95816

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Dave Guitars

With the great combination of Duncan pickups and hardware, a set of Sperzel keys and Wilkinson tremelo, you have an uncanny connection to the strings with a big, full and very diverse selection of tones not often found on instruments of this style. 

Aside from having a truly responsive instrument in your hands, you'll attract a lot of "oohs, aahs" and attention because they're so great to look at!  This guitar looks alive on the inside as well!

Custom "Dave Guitars are built around Licensed Fenderâ„¢ bodies and necks, perfectly fitted to each other for a tight, stable connection.  This improves vibration transfer and gives the instrument a true unity feeling.  The fretwork is very carefully hand milled, polished and glazed with jewelers rouge to a lustrous mirror finish.  The incredible big sparkle paint in the head-stock and body is applied by Marty Bell in San Diego, CA.  The matching mirror guards and back plate add an interesting dimension as they tend to change appearance with the surrounding light.  Click below for a closer look!