Want to Learn to Play Guitar? or Bass ?

Our excellent team of professional instructors can help you bring together your favorite song list, technique, charts, exercises, book material, YouTube favorites, CD's, MP3 files or any other material you have and bring it all together in an easy to understand system! Start playing in hours!

          Private one-on-one Lessons $120/ $145: 4 or 5 per month

$30 per half hour first 4, $25 for 5th.

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           Home of the                                        a great gift for any occasion!!

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Guitdoorbell .

  Store Hours

Monday:        Noon-ish to 7pm

Tuesday:       Noon       to 7pm

Wednesday:  Noon       to 7pm

Thursday:   LATE 2PM  to 7pm

Friday:           Noon       to 6pm

Saturday:       Noon       to 3pm

Sunday:               Closed

Closed July 4th!!!

***** Line closed for repair , contact your instructor for schedule updates. *****

Guitar Repair line Closed-FULL,       LATE OPEN July9th, supply run.

Thank you for supporting this small business through this difficult time. This Sept. = 25 years!

And, thank you for your patience ! We are open and working as quickly as we can.

Please note: if I don't answer the phone I'm either deep in a repair, taking with another customer on the other line or closed!  

 If you are in need of amplifier repair, you've come to the right place! 

Expert Amp Repair by

Quality guitar repair by

Dave Lynch

So, what's a Guitdoorbell? See this clip below!

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Guitar & Amp Repair ~ Lessons ~ Instruments ~ Parts ~ Accessories

​New Tursers just arrived 8-7-19! We sell: Jay Turser, Washburn, and G&L Guitars & Basses, Seymour Duncan, Allparts, Henry Heller straps & gig bags, Rapco-Horizon cables, Gotoh, Grover, Schaller, Kustom amps, Rivera,  GHS, D'Addario, DR, Dean Markley, Roto-Sound, Augustine, Savarez, Ernie Ball stings, and more!

Get your set of two Dave String Spreaders at Stew-Mac only $9.95  Very handy service  tool!

3248 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95816

916 - 441- 6555

Even after over 44 years, I still *love* working on guitars!   Dave Lynch

We have lots of Uke's & Kid guitars for Christmas to choose from!

Marshall 1987X 50W Plexi head  from 2012 -mint $1850.00 !

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Dave Lynch, Bob Mariano, Dr Rock, Steve Namle

with ​Lakeside Lighting Lee Buralli

Together we are  Dr. Rock & The Stuff.



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