Testimony from one of Joe's long time students...

I have had the pleasure of studying bass with Joe on and off for close to 15 years.  When I started with Joe I was a beginning bassist/hobbyist that loved the notion of being a bass player. I noodled in my living room and could make a lot of noise that I thought sounded good but I didn't know the difference between a major or minor scale or anything else for that matter!   Over that time Joe has guided me from truly knowing nothing about playing music or music theory to being a working bassist. Joe's lessons are based on the essential fundamentals that every working bassist should know including beginning and advanced theory, reading music, chord charts, chord theory, musical styles, listening, and other important aspects essential to playing the bass.  He is well versed in all musical styles.

Over the years not only has he has taught me the essential fundamental elements of being a working bassist but he also taught me important elements of the business of music.
Joe has a vast knowledge of all styles and music in general so when I come to him with a question he has the answer.  Prior to Joe I tried lessons with other instructors who seemed to want to teach me the lick of the day. There was truly no comparison.  

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced bassist or just a hobbyist Joe has the knowledge to help you continue your growth and evolve as a bassist!

Damion C.

Photo by Ruby Gypsy

Photo by Ruby Gypsy

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Joe Lev

Joe Lev, Bass Instructor, has been a fixture on the live music scene in Northern California for more than 36 years. He has first hand knowledge of many musical styles and aspects of the music business. He is also an active freelancer on stage and in the studio. Joe believes that a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of music is essential, but also tailors the course of study to the individual students abilities and goals. He has been teaching for 19 years, 14 of them at Guitar Workshop.

Joe is a 2014 inductee to the Sacramento Blues Society Hall of Fame.


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